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What Is Remy Human Hair

Remy just means the direction of the cuticle of the hair, and the cuticles are kept intact. Our human remy hair means the wig or hair piece is made of 100% human natural hair, which is unprocessed and absolutely soft falling in the same direction.  Eventually resulting in hair with very high moisture, leading to soft and shiny just like expensive silk-like hair. It is usually used for the remy human hair extensions and the high-quality wigs and hair pieces for sale.

Let us look closer and more details information about what is remy human hair. 

Virgin Hair VS Remy Hair VS Non-remy Human Hair

The Virgin human hair also called unprocessed hair is 100% human natural hair without processed manufacturing method. Virgin human hair from YMY Hair is without any chemical-treated and dyed process. And the virgin human hair is divided into remy and non-remy human hair for sale.

Non-remy hair is made of natural human hair too. But they may have a situation where the human hair is stripped, and tangled which is what usually happens in most of the non-remy human hair extensions and non-remy human hair wigs.

remy human hair wig

Why You Should Choose the Human Remy Hair from YMY Hair

Super High Quality 100% Human Hair Weave

YMY Hair human remy hair adopts fully artificial weaving manufacturing processes. Our 100% human remy hair is weaved by our staff. This process ensures the high quality of hair wigs.

Can Be Curled, Dyed & Styled Freely

Straight hair, deep wave curly hair, you can do all kinds of hairstyles with the remy human hair you bought from our YMY Hair. For example, the Curl with different wave sizes, and you can dye the hair the color you want, which will not change the amazing effect the natural human remy hair will bring.

YMY Hair remy human hair wig feels amazing even after multiple times being curled and dyed. Reviews from our clients said that the remy hair can get a year or two of wear still looking very great. 

The fact is that one YMY Hair 100% human remy hair wig will help you look nice and confident with irreplaceable chic. Believe in YMY Hair, It will be definitely amazing to own beautiful human remy hair that perfectly matches your natural hair color, style, and type.

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You Can Choose Any Length that you like

You can buy the hair length that suits you. Or you can refer to the order guide on the product front page to help you purchase the most suitable remy hair from YMY Hair.

No Shedding, Tangle-free, and Easy To Maintain

The human weave and strict factory standards make our human remy hair hardly shed. Every single hair is bound into the cap. The remy hair is all in the same direction from the roots and tips of each hair, so it will not tangle, looking and feeling always soft and smooth.

It is easy to maintain and the after-care is easy to operate too. It is better for us to care the 100% human remy hair just like what we do to our natural hair. For example, if you do a lot of outside work, or the environment you live in is dirty, wet, or dusty, you can wash it every 4-7 days regularly.

human hair wigs

If you have little outside work, and the environment you live in is clean and normal, then washing your remy human hair weave every 10 - 14 days is recommended.

Ways To Wash Your Human Remy Hair 

Please comb your remy human hair weave smooth with a wide teeth comb or your soft fingers. Please operate as gently as you can, rough and forceful combing may cause remy hair shedding.

Use lukewarm water and a moderate amount of shampoo to gently stir the water with your hand. Submerge your wet and wavy Remy human hair weave in the water, then softly press and massage it with your fingers.

Your every washing step must be gentle even the hair shedding seldom occur.

Finally, it is better to clean your 100% human remy hair with a basin of clean water, then smear moderate hair nourishing shampoo on your hair, stay the hair conditioner shampoo on the hair for about 3-5 minutes to rinse it off with clean mild water.

For more tips about human hair wigs washing, please turn to this biog: How To Wash A Human Hair Wig?


If you want a wig or hairpiece to look like your natural-born hair of yourself, you must have our YMY Hair 100% remy human hair.  As a manufacturer who produced and designed high-quality wigs for decades in the hair industry, we import human hair mainly from Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, and India by a stable and long-term cooperate partner. Our 100 Indian and Brazilian remy human hair is popular all over the world.

remy human hair wigs

The weave and moisture from the 100% human remy hair are unbelievably gorgeous, which the synthetic hair can not compare with. When you wear the 100% human remy hair, you will be surprised at the bouncy and shiny it appears. Most importantly, YMY Hair always puts the clients’ feelings in the first place. So we adjusted the design many times to ensure the high level of comfortable experience it will give.

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