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Guidance on Traveling with Curly Human Hair Wigs

New Year vacation is a great opportunity for traveling. Numerous studies have shown that a short break from work or study contributes to people’s physical and mental health simultaneously, and creates a greater sense of well-being. Also, employees who take regular vacations are generally more focused and productive. Therefore, it is high time to plan your New Year traveling. When it comes to this topic, in addition to catching flights, booking hotels and making reservations, getting yourself well prepared is also important, including clothes to wear, personal hygiene products, common emergency drugs, and the most important thing for wig wearers--an alternative wig. Of course, you can travel with all kinds of wigs, but curly wigs are the easiest to maintain on the road since, in general, they're more low-maintenance than straight hair.

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Advantages of Curly Wigs

Curly human hair will enable you to stay on top of the latest hair trends. It is a go-to style and requires little to no styling. Celebrities from Beyoncé, SZA, Rihanna and many more have been seen wearing luxurious curls. An obvious reason why women love curly hair is that it looks more natural than straight wigs since no one wants to sit around straightening their hair away.

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In addition, curly wigs are a great fit to modify the shape of wearer’s face and offer versatile styles. To make your travel different every day, there are several basic hairstyles that can be achieved effortlessly without too many tools, such as sky-high pony, sleek updo, and the chic half-bun.

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Another advantage of curly hair is that it is less prone to shed compared to straight wigs or wavy human hair weaves. You can be rest assured that with curly human hair wigs, you can throw it on and go about your travel with no extra hassle.

Wash Your Wig in Advance

To maintain a clean and fresh curly wig, we would recommend washing your human hair wig every six to eight wears. So if it’s a short or medium trip that lasts not more than a week, you’d better wash it in advance to avoid extra cleaning work during the trip. Curly wigs should be washed in cold water, while they are wet. For each wash, to keep the beautiful curls looking their best, you should use a sulfate-free shampoo and mild conditioner for a deep cleanse. Do not rub your wig because it may cause losing those curls. Also, no brushing your curly wig as this could lead to frizz and shedding. You can detangle the locks by gently running your fingers through the curls or using a wide tooth comb. When drying your wig, it is recommended to use a towel, or a hair dryer set on low heat. Another thing to note is curly wigs need trimming regularly to get rid of split ends and prevent knots and tangles. So you can also check if you need to schedule a haircut before the trip.

Pack Your Wig Safely

If it’s the only wig you’re carrying for travel, just put it on and start your vacation. If it’s an alternative, when you're not wearing it, put it in its original packaging if you still have it. If not, just turn your wig inside out, and cover those curls with a silk bag or satin cap to keep them safe from dust, moisture and other elements. Silk and satin bags will keep your wigs static-free, retain their hydration and softness, and reduce the accumulation of tangles. Additionally, it makes for a useful storage option for traveling, as they take up little space. Next, lay it flat in a spare shoe box to prevent it from getting tangled or squeezed. Tissue paper will also prevent static from developing. Finally, put the box into your suitcase. When you’re ready to wear it during the vacation, since it has been sitting for a time and will need some air circulating through it, it is important to give your curly wig a good shake when you take it out of the box, which loosens up the fibers and causes them to expand, providing you with plenty of hair volume.

Maintain Curly Wigs with Care

Compared with straight wigs that need a hair straightener or flat iron to maintain the straightness often, for curly wigs maintenance, all that you have to do is spray it down and go. Since human hair curly wigs can become dry and fail to retain their original shape very well when they have been subject to prolonged sun exposure or chlorine during the trip, you need some conditioner in between washes to lock the wig moisture and focus on hydration. A leave-in conditioner will be your best option to refresh under-styled curls. There is no need to apply too much to keep your curls looking tight, just try to squeeze a dime size into your palm and spread thoroughly on and into the wig.

YMY Hair offers a vast array of human hair curly wig options, with colors ranging from reddish brown, ginger orange, ombre honey blonde, balayage, to #613 blonde. Whether you prefer short curly wigs or longer glueless lace front curls, we have your perfect vacation look available. Our curly wigs have small tighter curls, which gives the curly hair wig a thicker appearance, creating a voluminous effect. They are perfect for a natural and full hair look during your trip.

Distinctive Features of YMY Human Hair Curly Wigs

1. Made from 100% virgin human hair without any chemical substances.

2. Easy to maintain and create a natural and effortless look, suitable for any occasion.

3. With good density, you can achieve a thick and voluminous hair effect.

4. They look more like natural hair and can be styled to your choice just like human hair.

Following are several curly wig recommendations perfect for your New Year vacation.

YMY Hair Affordable Jerry Curly U Part Wig Natural Color Virgin Hair

Jerry Curly U Part Wig


YMY Hair Ombre Brown Curly Wig 13x5x0.5 Lace Part Human Hair Wigs for Black Women

Ombre Brown Curly Wig 13x5x0.5 Lace wig


Bob HD Lace Closure Human Hair Wigs Jerry Curly Natural Color 

Bob HD Lace Closure Human Hair Wigs Jerry Curly Natural Color

Have you got a good idea about which wig to carry for your travel? If not, don't worry. You can either chat with our customer service for more suggestions or leave a comment below. In the end, hope everything goes smoothly, and just have fun!

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