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Easy Tips to Make Straight Wig Human Hair Voluminous

No matter if you’ve got a sleek straight wig or delicate curly wig, you want it to be fluffy and voluminous to make yourself more confident, prettier and full of vitality. Straight wigs present a simple and clean style, showing your sleek beauty. While curly wigs feature a feminine and generous look, making you more impressive among the crowd. However, straight wigs may appear flat and thin after several wears. Therefore, you need some easy tips to add volume to your wigs as if they were just out of the box. Before you start, pay attention to the quality of your wigs. Always invest in a wig human hair that allows various style possibilities unless you want to wear it only a few times for cosplay. This is especially important because synthetic ones are not heat-friendly, and they can easily burn, making them difficult to style and maintain. Also, go for reliable hair products and tools for wig maintenance.

Make it wavy

wavy wig

When it comes to adding volume to straight wig human hair, to achieve an immediate effect, the most frequently used method is to make some waves or curls. You can style your straight wig by following the steps below.

Step 1. Comb your wig gently to eliminate any unwanted tangles.

Step 2. Divide your wig into small sections and secure them with clips.

Step 3. Start from the bottom and work your way up with hair rollers. If the roller gets very hot, apply a little hair spray to avoid getting too dry.

Step 4. You may use different-sized rollers to create layers. If you just want to make your wig naturally wavy a bit, don’t stay long or the hair will turn to intense curls.

Step 5. When the section is completed, simply grab it from the bottom with it still clipped and pull it straight down. This doesn't allow the fibers to do that token 'bouncy curl' and instead pulls it out flat so you get that little wave. Rinse and repeat for every curler.

Step 6: When all is done, use your fingers to comb through the wig to achieve a more natural wavy style.

Tips: If you still want to increase volume without drastically changing the style of the straight wig, you can use magnetic rollers just at the root, only roll two or three passes at the root of the wig, leaving the straight ends out so as not to curl them. Hairspray it to high heaven and blow it dry. Then let it cool and slide the rollers out. It will give you height and that bump at the base of the wig while it remains straight. 


In case you find it too complicated to use the hair roller, you can try backcombing. Backcombing(also known as teasing or ratting) means combing the under layers of (the hair or wig) towards the roots to give more bulk to a hairstyle. It is a way of combing hair to create volume as well as to create certain hairstyles. You should be careful in order not to damage the wig. You can divide it into two or more sections. Hold a strand upright and pull the comb starting from the ends and working towards the roots. Do it from underneath the strand, leaving the surface hair neat, and you’ll obtain more volume with a denser comb.

Part your wig differently

straight bob side part

straight bob middle part

You can also make your wig human hair appear thicker by changing the way you part it occasionally. Most people tend to part their wig in the same place out of habit. Whereas, the longer you wear the same part, the more your hair gets weighed down on one side, which will cause the roots to get weaker in that area, leading to breakage. Flipping your hair to part on the other side will help lift the root and boost the volume of your hair. For example, you can try a side part if you get used to a middle-part. A deep-side parting style is also well worth to try and chic. This not only makes your wig look thicker but also gives you a new look.

Create volume with dry shampoo

Although dry shampoo is typically believed for oily hair, a really great way to use it is more as a texturing spray, which is how we are going to use it for better volume. Some people don't use dry shampoo because they're afraid that it's going to leave a white residue in the hair, especially if they have a dark wig. Don’t worry. It would work just fine. Even if you see a white powder in the hair, it will not stay.

When applying dry shampoo, you are going to concentrate a little less emphasis on the root, and a little bit more all throughout. As you go along, spray it kind of from root to the midshaft, and that's going to give you a lot of great texture all throughout. Start on the underside of the hair, close to the root, and go zigzag all the way up. Drop that hair down and do the same basically over the entire wig. Especially in the crown, you should lift the hair up and massage it in. To make it evenly distributed over your wig, you can flip upside down to put a little more dry shampoo in. Also, use a blow dryer in a cool setting. Finally, go ahead and flip up. A cute thing to do would be to go in and out with some curls around the face to give a little more purposeful look.

Using dry shampoo in the new way gives you a full new look without teasing or anything like that. It's just given it a beachy texture. This is really beautiful on a blonde wig, especially. Don't be afraid to do something like this if you have a little darker hair.

Go for a layered cut

wavy wig
If you are not confident about your gift for hairstyling, just look for a stylist to make your wig human hair fluffier by trimming the wig in a layered style. This definitely has a large impact on the overall volume of your wig! More importantly, the stylist will be skilled in achieving the expected result without damaging your wig.

In the end, we hope that you have gained some useful knowledge to make your straight wig voluminous effortlessly. Enjoy your new looks and stay trendy!

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