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YMY Hair Christmas PreSale 2023: Up to $100 OFF

While you’re expecting the holiday season, Christmas is right on its way. Have you decorated your Christmas trees and prepared Christmas gifts for loved ones? It doesn’t matter if the answer is not yet, because YMY Hair has launched its Christmas Sales campaign, which is scheduled to start from December 8 and ends on December 28. Whether you’re looking for something to light up your life or a gift to link up with others, we have all that you need for wigs here. Just catch a glimpse of what we’ve prepared for you.

wigs Christmas sale

Discount Detail

$20 OFF sitewide

$70 OFF over $259

$80 OFF over $289

$100 OFF over $349

Please kindly note that there's no need for any codes. Just add your favorite human hair wigs to your cart and the discounts will take effect automatically, leaving more time and energy for you to choose the one that fits you well.

30% off for Colored Wigs

Body Wave 13x4 Colored Human Hair Wigs

When it comes to winter, the picture of white snow and bitterly cold usually comes to mind. Fortunately, there’s something we can do to make it colorful and amazing with the help of colored wigs. YMY Hair offers a variety of human hair wigs to choose from, including #613 blonde wigs, #33 reddish brown wigs, skunk stripe wigs, highlight wigs, ombre wigs, and ginger wigs, to name just a few. More importantly, All YMY colored wigs are made from 100% virgin human hair and come in a range of stunning textures and lengths. Whether you want a fashionable wig for daily wear or on special occasions like holidays or parties, don't miss out on our vibrant collection of real hair wigs.

Why Choose Colored Wigs?

  1. Add dimension to your look: The combination of dark and light colors in highlight wigs adds dimension to your overall hairstyle. It usually leans towards your natural hair and looks very trendy.
  2. Brighten your complexion: Well-defined highlights can brighten your complexion and make your eyes appear more radiant. Highlights often create a more natural effectand lift up your spirit.
  3. Look more fashionable: Highlight wigs have a fashionable look and are a unique and bold choice for most women. Wigswith highlights can boostyour charm and confidence.

Wig color is also an important factor to consider when you're thinking about changing up your look. Although a new hair color is a rather personal choice, it is worth considering the color that suits your style well, and this is where you know best. Do you want to be noticed, or blend in? Do you need to be more daring, or does your outfit say enough? Make sure the wig color you choose will make you feel more confident and yourself. There's still one thing to remember: Don't stray too far from your natural temperament.

25% off for V part Wigs

V Part Virgin Hair Loose Wave Wig

V Part wigs, also named thin part wigs, lead the most prevailing wig trend in recent years. It is a new type of wig that allows people to wear wigs without using glue and can be easily put on in just a few minutes. With a V-shaped opening at the top, the V Part wig allows you to pull out a section of your natural hair to create a natural hairline. In the interior part of the wig cap of the V Part wig, adjustable straps and clips are installed to help secure the wig in place. Since they do not consist any lace, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary skin irritation resulting from gel or glue. Therefore, V Part human hair wigs are beginner-friendly and especially appropriate for women with sensitive skin.

What’s more, the V part helps conceal the disadvantages that you might have on the top of your head, especially if you have weak, thin hair. They also help your entire hair look fuller and thicker. Thanks to its unique design, a V-Part wig looks incredibly natural and appears as though it is your hairline.


Advantages of V Part wigs

  1. It blends seamlesslywith your natural hair.
  2. Help you maintain a super natural hairline and appearancethroughout the day.
  3. No glue, no stickiness, and thus no damageto your scalp.
  4. It's designed with comfort in mind and feels light and breathable to wear. It offers a breathable and comfortable wearing experience.
  5. Easy removal and installation:One of the best advantages of owning a Vpart wig is how quickly you can install and remove it. There’s need to worry about stocking caps or adhesive gels/glues, which makes them ideal for daily wear.
  6. Friendly to thin hair:Vpart wigs will not only make you look more beautiful, but it can also increase the volume of your hair. So never mind if you have thin locks; with this wig, there’s nothing to be worried about!
  7. The Vpart wig is of high quality. Made from 100% virgin human hair, it can be restyled based on individual preferences.They are highly flexible that is suitable for everyday use. Their flexibility means that you can easily customize parting styles without fear of causing any damage.
  8. The V part wig is less expensive than a lace front wigregarding the cost.

You can choose your favorite V part wigs in different curls, textures, lengths, density, and colors in our online store. Visit YMY Hair's website from December 8 to 28 and never miss the opportunity to give it a try. You’ll definitely meet a better self with our colored wigs on or catch up with the latest trend with our V part wigs on the most impressive Christmas gatherings. It is high time that you make a difference.

Our cost-effective human hair wigs are targeted at women around the world to meet ever-changing needs and to provide personalized customization services. We mainly produce 100% virgin hair full lace wigs and lace front wigs with various curly and wavy textures, which are very popular in the market, such as body wave, water wave, deep wave, kinky curly, kinky straight, and so on. At the same time, our popular styles are also very diversified, such as highlights, ombre, etc., leading the fashion trend of hair products industry.

YMY Hair gives top priority to customer experience. With that in mind, we provide global shipping services focusing on fast and safe delivery. Besides that, we always keep abundant stock to ensure timely shipment of each order. We spare no effort to meet customer satisfaction.

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