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Why are Ombre Wigs Becoming Increasingly Popular?

Ombré, literally “shaded” in French, is the blending of one color hue to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark. It has become a popular feature in various fields, including home decoration, hair coloring techniques, nail art, etc. The ombre technique offers a dramatic and gradient color effect on your hair and has become a prevailing trend these days.

Meanwhile, it has also raised concerns among women. On one hand, the cost of ombre hair is a bit higher than ordinary hair dyeing. On the other hand, they worry about whether the effect can meet their satisfaction. Ombre wigs stand out as a perfect alternative, with which you can choose the desirable hair color and transform your look in seconds. The style has been adopted by many celebrities, such as Britney Spears, Lauren Conrad, Vanessa Hudgens, Drew Barrymore, Beyoncé, and even Jared Leto, among others. Let's delve into the world of ombre wigs in this blog.

What is an ombre wig?

Ombre Human Hair HD Lace Wigs

Ombre wig is a type of colored wig that has a two-tone color effect, where one shade gradually fades into another to create an incredibly eye-catching gradient effect. Usually, the color at the roots is darker and turns lighter towards the tips. Since all our ombre wigs are 100% virgin human hair, the transition is smooth and natural no matter what tones you choose. Ombre wigs are available in a variety of styles, colors, lengths and densities to suit different tastes. Some of the popular options include ombre brown lace closure wigs, ombre honey blonde lace front wigs, and ombre red HD lace wigs. Whether you’re in the market for a delicate, natural look or a bold, vibrant makeover, you can find your ideal ombre human hair wigs at an affordable price at YMY Hair.

Why go for an ombre wig?

Pre-plucked Ginger Ombre Wig

Various Styles

Above all, the top reason for an ombre wig is to enhance individual beauty by making changes effortlessly. It can be boring to lead a fixed and unchangeable life. So does our hairstyle. With an ombre wig, you can not only choose your favorite tones, but also style it to match your costume and for different occasions, eliminating the trouble of visiting and waiting at hair salons, as well as the risk of ruining your own hair. You’ll be free to switch between the ombre wig and your natural hair at ease. What’s more, the vibrant color can further add to your uniqueness and make you stand out among the crowds. Let's delve into the world of ombre wigs in this blog.

Natural Appearance

Since ombre wigs mimic the way one’s hair naturally lightens or grows out of colored roots when exposed to sunlight, it creates a super natural effect, especially with human hair wigs. The benefits of human hair wigs are plenty. Firstly, they look approximately the same as one’s real hair. Secondly, they are less prone to get tangled frizzed or shed like cheap synthetic fibers. Thirdly, they can be dyed, permed or bleached just as you wish. Last but not least, good quality human hair wigs can be used for more than one year if taken good care of, which makes them more cost-saving in the long run.

Minimal Maintenance

You don’t have to worry that your ombre wig human hair may suffer color fade, hair loss or tangle as long as you wash and store it properly. It requires the least upkeep. Be gentle when washing your ombre wig, you can either use common sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, or shampoos specially designed for colored wigs to retain their color. After thorough cleaning, pat dry or blow dry on a low setting. You can hang it on a mannequin head overnight when you go to sleep, or put it carefully in a silk or satin bag in case you do not plan to wear it for a longer time.

Ombre Wig vs Balayage Wig

13x4 Lace Frontal Body Wave Balayage Highlight Wig

Balayage is also a French word that means “sweeping” as in to sweep on a hair lightener to create highlights. It is a partial hair coloring technique by adding a few lighter strands to dark hair to create an overall styling effect. By alternating light and shadow, you can enhance the impression of the layers. The highlighted wig human hair has a very soft texture, no chemical smell, and is easy to handle. In addition, you can add color to your life by selecting various highlight colors according to your preference. Highlighted wigs human hair look fashionable, and are a unique and bold choice for most girls. Whether you want to try a new hair color or add some layers, highlighted wigs are a great option.

Simply put, a balayage wig has a subtle overall effect and is a better option for those who want very natural and stay low-key since 70% of the hair is the darker color and the rest of the light color is scarcely distributed and mixed harmoniously with the base color. In comparison, the ombre wig has a striking contrast in the light and dark color, giving prominence to the great difference in roots and ends. The good news is that both look great on all hair types, textures, and colors. Also, both wig styles are 100% human hair wigs with premium quality, and good options for women who have trouble making a decision of what single wig color to choose.

How to choose the color for ombre wigs?

You’re supposed to take into account your skin tone, dressing habits, and personal preference in the choice of ombre wigs. Blonde and honey blonde ombre wigs are most universally applied among women with dark or medium skin tones. They flatter your skin tone naturally and lift up your spirit externally. Red ombre wigs make you quite impressive and eye-catching among the crowd. The black-to-red ombre wig is a chic style but you need to it match with proper dressing. Blue hues and purple hues woke well for red ombre wigs. For example, a simple denim blue is an easy go-to option that enhances the complexion of the red wig. Purples with blue undertones work best.

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