Which one should you wear: U part wigs VS V part wigs

Which One Should You Wear: U Part Wigs VS V Part Wigs

As a professional human hair wig manufacturer with decades of experience, YMY Hair has witnessed the increasing popularity of U part wigs and V part wigs in recent years. Committed to providing the finest wigs for our customers, we often update the model of the wigs repeatedly to achieve a more comfortable experience and better wearing effect simutaneously.

Today’s blog is aimed at helping readers gain a better understanding of the hot-selling U part wigs and V part wigs, including their advantages, differences, guidance for installation, and a few discussions over both styles. We believe that you'll be able to get the ideal wig that suits you best while completing reading.

What is a U-part Wig?

The U part wig is designed with a U shape opening on the forehead of the wig cap, where you can blend your natural hair easily to form a perfect hairstyle.


U Part Kinky Curly Hair Wig

The Advantages of the U Part Wigs for Sale:

  • Blend perfectly with your natural hair

This U part human hair wig can allow you to blend your own hair with the wig by using the adjustable straps. You will get a natural-looking hairline by exposing your own scalp.

 wig with U shape design

  • Breathable and Comfortable Wearing Experience

The U part human hair wig has a U-shaped piece cut into the front that allows you to pull a small part of your hair through the u-shaped opening, which enables you to give your hair and scalp a break from the strain of traditional sewn on weaves, thus making you feel more breathable and comfortable.

  • Various Styling

The U part human hair wig is made from 100% natural human hair so that can be dyed, bleached, highlighted, straightened, curled, or styled as your own hairstyle according to your preference. You can also order wigs of different densities and lengths from our store to meet your hair-style needs and all kinds of chic styles.

u part wig with various styles

  • No glue and lace used

For these girls who have sensitive scalp, nothing is better than putting on a U-part wig. There is no glue used, and even no lace close to the wearers’ head, which means there will be no scalp irritation and uncomfortable feeling.

  • Keep your hair and scalp healthy

If you want to have access to your hair, the U part wig with human hair will give you an opportunity to regularly take care of your hair and do proper washing and deep conditioning of the hair and scalp. It also contributes to your hair growth since you can take off it when you are sleeping at night and take good care of your hair. You can keep this wig in good condition like your own hair for at least a year.

How to Install a U Part Wig

Step 1: It’s the same as all other types of wig wearing. Ensure your hair is clean, tidy and totally dry. If your hair volume is ample, you can flatten and secure it by braiding your hair into cornrows to create a flat base.

Step 2: Part your hair on the top as a U-shape with your finger or a tail comb. Decide where you want your U-Part wig to be placed, both side part and middle part are available, and then create a parting that will match the size of the wig opening accurately.

Step 3: Cut the band down and align the U-Part section of the wig with your parting, hold the front part in place, and attach the wig clips or combs to the sides of your head to secure.

Step 4: Adjust the wig to fit your head perfectly and comfortably.

Step 5: Blend in the remaining hair with the U part wig using a flat iron or curling wand so that it appears seamless on your natural hair.

Step 6: Trim and style your wig according to individual preference.

What is a V Part Wig?

The V part wig has a small V-shape cutting on the top of the wig cap, where you can turn it into an invisible hairline by fixing it.

V-shape wig with human hair 

The Advantages of V Part Wigs

  • Natural Hairline Looking

The V part wig is a flawless choice for girls who want their wigs to look natural and more realistic in their real life. YMY hair’s human hair wigs with V part opening are designed with 100% human hair. And the visible V part wig human hair is connected with your own hair by the clips. You even do not have to deal with the hidden lace weave, or try to blend with your natural hairline when wearing a U part wig.

  • No-lace design and no glue used

The whole cap of the V part wigs is produced by the imported wig-making machines. There is no use of the lace or the glue. You do not have to worry about the glue and lace-cutting work. So it is suitable for some girls who are allergic to glue or have the sensitive scalp. It is also an excellent option for girls who like the machine-made wigs which always have a precise and perfect weave.


Silky Straight V Part Wig


  • Cost-effective Human Hair Wig

The price of the V part wigs is affordable for wig lovers. It is much cheaper than the lace front wigs, which use imported high-grade lace. But the V part wigs are still produced with high-quality natural human hair. It is suitable for beginners who first try the human hair wig with a mount of budget. More info about the lace front wigs: Everything You Need to Know About Lace Front Wigs

  • Decrease your hair loss anxiety

V parts can help conceal the natural hair disadvantages especially if you have weaker, thinner hair. It just needs a little hair to fix with the human hair from this wig. Then they will give you a natural look by transforming your entire hair look into ahead with fuller, thicker hair.

  • Easy Installation and Maintenance

It is easy to install the wig even you are a beginner, cause you do not need to deal with the glue and lace edges.

  • Various Hairstyles

The most loved feature of these wigs is that they are highly flexible when new hairstyles, with the use of clips, hairbands, and so on. By the way, the V part curly wig is very popular with our clients. This makes them the best for beginners and even for people who are pros at wearing wigs.

Tips: You can refer to the steps for U part wigs when applying a V part wig and pay attention to the different shape opening of it, which makes V part wigs easier to install.

Major Differences between U part wigs and V part Wigs

The most obvious difference lies in the shape of the opening -- one has a U-shaped opening, while the other has a V-shaped opening. You don’t have to pull too much of your natural hair for a V part wig, whose opening is narrower compared with U-shaped ones. Therefore, V part wigs are a good option for wearers with small sections of hair volume on the front part of her head because they can cover the weak and thin hair (if any) seamlessly and make the illusion of fuller and thicker hair for you. While with a U part wig, you need to pull out a larger sections of your natural hair to cover the U-shaped opening so as to offer a more natural overall look. U part wigs are suitable for wearers who embrace a larger hair volume at the front of their head with thin hair on the side or the back. Another thing that makes the two wig styles different is the band. You will need to cut the band on the U part wig first before throwing it on, which makes installation a bit longer than V part wigs. To conclude, V part wig is more friendly and less time-consuming to wear, and U part wig is better at creating a more realistic appearance. You ought to take into account your natural hair conditions first before you pick out either of them.

Will U part wigs and V part wigs replace lace wigs?

Since both U part wigs and V part wigs are free from lace and glue, some people think that they’re so competitive that they might take the place of the classic lace wigs someday in the future. To be honest, we don’t think so. Although U part wigs and V part wigs are popular new styles that can offer a more natural-looking finish, they are not universal for all. Simply put, the prerequisite for wearing a U part or V part wig is that you already have medium to long hair or ample hair volume either at the front, back or both sides of your head, otherwise, the tracks will not be hidden well. In comparison, there are no such requirements for lace front wigs or lace closure wigs, that’s why they have been regarded as go-to options for anyone looking for full coverage of their natural hair, suitable for all wearers who desire to seek beauty and boost confidence with the help of wigs.

U part wigs or V part wigs? Find out the wig right for your style at YMY Hair. For your information, don't miss the Christmas sale and a chance to seek the appealing beauty with wigs.

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