What you should know about the 360 lace wigs?

The 360 lace wigs are similar to the hot-selling lace front wigs, which is designed with the frontal lace on the edge of the wig cap. However, as the upgraded lace wig, the lace of 360 lace wigs goes around the entire circumference of the wig. The middle portion is machine-sewn onto a breathable cap. That means you can put your wig into a high ponytail because the lace in the back will look like your scalp.

360 full lace wig nearly has all the advantages of the lace front wigs, which are breathable, and comfortable. It is more and more popular among the wig wearers, if you are interested in it, hope today’s blog will give you some reference.

What are the differences between lace front 360 lace wigs?

The lace front wig means a piece of lace is put on the front edge of the wig, as the hairline of the wearers’ head. YMY hair uses 100% hand-tied high-quality imported lace with individual hand-knotted strands to make the front lace, offering a natural appearance that can enhance your overall look. The size of YMY Hair human hair lace front wigs is various depending on your preference. The 13x4 lace front wig and 13x6 lace front wig for sale are hot selling types in our store.

However 360 lace wig, the lace goes around the entire circumference of the wig. And this type of wig is more and more popular.

The advantages of 360 lace wigs

Breathable air cap: Expect the full 360 lace is used, the center of the wig is a machine sewn cap, which is a fully woven hood inner mesh. The enhanced lace design make it even more comfortable than the hot selling lace front wigs. And the 36o full lace wig is getting more popular among the wig lovers.

Natural hairline: The imported HD lace from Switzerland is very natural. When wearing the wig cap, the hairline just like your own natural hairline. When wearing the 360 lace wigs, the soft lace and invisible hair spots will make a very perfect effect.

Styling without restrains: Styling tools such as straighteners and curlers can be used to achieve your desired look. You can DIY the hairstyle you want, or just adjust the hairstyle according to different occasion. The lace 360 wigs are a good confidence and beauty booster for we girls, keeping you accent and gorgeous effortlessly.

Cost-effective price: The lace used on the wig is imported high quality lace, which is a little bit more expensive than the normal material. And the 360 full lace wig uses the 100% real human hair, without the chemical process for the synthetic hair. Using quality human hair that is easy to maintain, style and color too, it can make the wig more durable and versatile.

There is no doubt that the comfortable and breathable wearing experience is irreplaceable by other cheap clothing, which is not breathable and soft enough. So if your skin is sensitive, prone to allergies and sweating, it is better to choose a lace wig instead of several normal wigs.

Always fashionable: As a professional wig manufacturer, YMY hair’s wigs are designed with trendy, classic hairstyle and comprehensive structure, make sure the fashion and comfort is guaranteed at the same time. The full lace wigs never go out of style for their comfort and quality.

Customized parting: The wig can be switched between a center parting, a side parting, or a pulled-back style as desired. The invisible lace is friendly to all kinds of parting.

Easy installation: Wearers are able to install and maintain the 360 lace forehead wig easily. There is no need to use the gel or glue.

Daily maintenance of the 360 lace wigs

The maintenance of the 360 full lace wig human hair is easy too. When you take off the wigs, please put them in a neat and safe place, or just put it on the wig holder. Make sure it is far from the fire or oil, and the chemical liquid.

About the washing and drying, please use the moderate shampoo and special conditioner to keep the human hair in good condition. The luster and texture of the human hair are very natural after proper maintenance.

360 lace front wigs are breathable and light, and their styling is various. If you have enough budget, it is recommended to order a 360 lace wig with human hair. We believe that it is a smart investment for your future. Cause it has a very long-lasting lifespan with the proper maintenance, it can accompany you just like your own natural hair!

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