Synthetic VS Human Hair Wigs

Synthetic VS Human Hair Wigs

When you started your hair loss journey, you probably never thought about wigs. Maybe it took you a while to decide to buy a wig, or you'll know soon. But then you met an obstacle: should you invest in human hair wigs or buy synthetic wigs? Navigation of hair loss solutions can lead to stress, as can decision-making. Since their prices vary greatly, you need to make sure that you have enough information to make an informed decision.

There is no right or wrong in deciding to buy a human hair wig or a synthetic wig. What's more, the wig product you choose suits you and makes you feel beautiful and powerful.

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At the end of this blog, you will have the information you need about these two kinds of wigs to decide which one suits your lifestyle and needs best.

Here at YMY Hair, we may seem a bit biased, because we only sell 100% human hair wigs. The wigs we produce are all natural hair.

Synthetic Wigs

What Is A Synthetic Wig?

Synthetic lace front wigs are created from man-made fibers using specialized technology to give the overall appearance and feel of real hair. Synthetic fiber wigs can accommodate a variety of hairstyles, are available in a variety of colors, and are versatile.

What Are the Benefits of A Synthetic Wig?

Synthetic wigs are composed of man-made fibers that are more durable than human hair. Maintain a certain style no matter the weather conditions.

Synthetic lace frontal wigs come in more colors than real hair wigs and do not oxidize or fade as easily as color-treated real hair.

Synthetic wigs offer the opportunity to experiment with volume hairstyles. Synthetic lace front wigs appear to have more volume due to the lightweight fibers, and overall the wig feels lighter on the head.

Synthetic wigs are convenient for people who do not want to put a lot of effort into styling their hair. Synthetic wigs are low maintenance while also having a range of styles. 

What Are the Drawbacks of A Synthetic Wig?

Synthetic lace front wigs tend to have an unnatural sheen, especially in good light, making synthetic wigs look more like wigs than natural hair.

Most synthetic wigs cannot withstand heat tools because they can damage the fibers. You can use styling tools on some types of synthetic wigs, but they must be designed to withstand high temperatures.

While there are more ways to explore hairstyles, synthetic wigs lack the movement and flow of natural wigs. Synthetic lace frontal wigs are stiffer and less elastic.

Synthetic wigs also have a shorter life span of four to six months, therefore, the wig needs to be replaced frequently.

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Human Hair Wigs

What is A Human Hair Wig?

Human hair wigs are made from 100% natural human hair. Natural hair is divided into different grades, ranging from Non-Remy, Remy, to virgin.

Non-Remy hair is the lowest-grade human hair made from purchased clumps of hair after treatment. The ones that have not been inverted are relatively cheap, and the finished product is easier to tie. 

Remy hair means that the hair scales have been removed, it is not guaranteed to be untreated, and it is cheaper than virgin hair. The order of the head and tail of the hair is the same, and it feels smooth, but it will still get tangled after a long time of use.

Virgin hair means that 100% of the head and tail are not upside down, it is guaranteed that it will never be knotted, and it can be dyed and curled arbitrarily. The hair is cut directly from the girl's head, without baking oil, without disturbed hair, and then tied up with rubber bands, independent, also known as VIRGIN REMY HAIR.

At YMY Hair, our 100% human hair lace front wigs come in many different types. We also have a variety of styles and colors, I believe there will be one that suits you best.

What Are the Benefits of A Human Hair Wig?

It looks natural in the sun, is versatile enough to be styled however you want, and lasts a lot longer than synthetic wigs.

The lace front hair on a real human wig moves the same way as real human hair. It doesn't have the stiffness or artificial shine that synthetic wigs do.

Natural 100% human hair wigs are realistic looking wigs. Best of all, 100% human hair wigs best mimic the look and feel of biological hair. The hair feels soft and smooth to the touch.

A natural wig allows you to freely trim beautiful bangs so that your natural wig becomes a human hair wig with bangs.

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What Are the Drawbacks of A Human Hair Wig?

Human hair wigs require more maintenance than synthetic wigs. Styling requires frequent washing and gentle care. Wigs also don't hold the same shape as synthetic wigs. Some hairstyles simply cannot be achieved with human hair.

While you can color and cut natural wigs, once you make the change, the hair won't grow back. Instead, the wig was permanently altered.

Human hair lace front wigs are not as versatile as synthetic wigs, and while lace frontal wigs human hair can be cut and dyed to create your own, this requires an experienced and skilled stylist to work with human hair wigs, and in addition, dyeing will shorten the lifespan of the wig, Because the color will fade faster.

Finally, one of the biggest disadvantages of human hair wigs is the initial investment cost.

Why Are Human Hair Wigs More Expensive Than Synthetic Wigs?

Human hair wigs cost more than synthetic lace front wigs. Because natural human hair is more durable than synthetic hair and has a longer lifespan than typical synthetic wigs. For the price of four or five synthetic wigs, you can buy one natural human hair wig. There are higher production costs associated with human hair wigs, and some human hair wigs are tied by hand, which requires more skilled labor, time, and attention to detail. Human hair wigs generally do not need to be mass-produced, but instead require a certain level of craftsmanship and elaboration to ensure a higher quality product and a longer lifespan.

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Is A Synthetic Or Human Hair Wig Better for You?

When you lose your hair, you want to find a solution to help you rediscover your true self. When no one can tell you're wearing a wig, you'll have more confidence to live life to the fullest without reservations.

If you're looking for a wig that best mimics the look, feel, and movement of biological hair, a 100% human hair wig might be just what you're looking for.

If you're still deciding whether to wear a wig, a synthetic wig might be the best option for you. Synthetic wigs offer a lot of convenience and ready-to-wear style that 100% human hair wigs don't. They're also short-term commitments; if you don't like your wig, you can replace it for very little money.

If you are still anxious about which wig type to choose or need to know more about our human hair lace front wigs in detail, please click here. Take the first step toward a head of lush, beautiful, natural hair.

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