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Looking for A Change? Try A Body Wave Wig!

Are you ready to transform your appearance and make a gorgeous hairstyle? Whether you are looking for a fresh-looking or chic hairstyle, a body wave wig can be your ultimate hairstyle. In today’s blog, we will explore the world of body wave wigs and introduce you to some exciting options with beautiful color and lace designs. 

Who is suitable for the body wave wig?

Body wave wig permanently curls the human hair into large, loose waves that are ideal for creating an elegant and mature woman’s hairstyle. The body wave perm is a more fluffier, softer, and modern take on the classic perm. Body wave perms are becoming more and more popular among wig lovers, cause everyone desires an easy, carefree wave wig with irreplaceable women’s beauty and elegance. 

Body Wave Wigs are the perfect choice for women who don't like the flatness of completely straight hair, but tight curls don't appeal to them either. The soft yet distinct waves of our body wave lace front wigs can be styled for any occasion and frame your face to give you a lovely look every day!

body wave wigs

Do body wave wigs excel straight wigs?

As two of the most popular wig styles among African American women in recent years, both body wave wigs and straight wigs have their unique advantages and drawbacks. So there is no exact answer. It is hard to say which one is better. Let’s closely examine what makes body waves different from straight wigs.

Voluminous Texture

Compared to straight wigs, the “S” shaped waves in body wave wigs add volume and dimension to the wig, offering a full and luxurious appearance. While straight strands lie flat against the head, resulting in a more streamlined and less voluminous appearance. If you desire a hairstyle with more texture, and energetic, or natural-looking waves, a straight wig may not provide the desired effect.

More Natural

Since the curls in body wave wigs are neither too tight nor too loose, it is much more similar to your hair with natural flowing waves. However, straight strands can sometimes appear less natural because of the ultra-smooth and uniform appearance that appears lacking in changes and less creative to a certain degree.

Various Styling Options

Since body wave wigs offer more texture and volume, you can try out different looks such as loose curls, beachy waves, or voluminous updos. Straight wigs, while maintaining a sleek appearance, offer versatility in length and styling options, providing access to sleek ponytails, layered cuts, or precise bobs. More importantly, you can make your body wave wig straight at ease with a hair straightener to embrace a straight wig in a few minutes, while it requires some skills to make a straight wig wavy, especially when you want to make body waves.

More Maintenance

In general, body wave wigs require more maintenance than straight ones. Since body wave wigs are more prone to tangling and frizz, especially during physical activities or exposure to humidity, the waves may need regular redefinition, detangling, and conditioning to maintain their shape and prevent tangling. So if you have a busy lifestyle with limited time for wig upkeep, a straight wig might be more suitable, with its sleek and resistant texture, it is less likely to tangle or lose its shape, making it a suitable choice for active people or those who frequently find themselves in challenging weather conditions.

Hot-selling Body Wave Wigs Recommended

Reddish Brown Color HD Lace Wigs Body Wave Hair

Are you dreaming of silky, flowing locks in a stunning reddish-brown hue? Look no further than the world of HD lace wigs with body wave hair. These wigs are designed to provide you with a natural and elegant look that is perfect for any occasion. No matter the date, birthday party, or daily city walk, this beautiful body wave wig with bright color will make you shine like a diamond!

As for YMY Hair HD lace, known for its thin and invisible appearance, ensures that your wig blends seamlessly with your scalp. This wig can give you a very natural wearing effect just like your own hairline and haircut. The body wave hair texture adds volume and movement, giving you a fresh and elegant appearance. The reddish brown color is not only very trendy but also flattering on a wide range of skin tones.

Whether you want to experiment with a new hair color or simply desire a different style for a special event, the reddish brown body wave lace front wig with human hair can be your perfect choice. You will be amazed at the wearing effect it brings, and love how easy it is to achieve a gorgeous look with these wigs.

Reddish Brown Color HD Lace Wigs Body Wave Hair Pre Cut 8x5 Lace Closure Wigs


Red Skunk Stripe Wig Human Hair 13x6 Lace Body Wave Wigs

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous and want to make a fashion-forward statement, consider the Red Skunk Stripe Wig in human hair. This wig combines the elegance of body wave hair with a striking red skunk stripe that adds a touch of wildness to your look.

The 13x6 lace front ensures a natural hairline and allows for various styling options. You can part the wig wherever you like, creating different looks to suit your mood and outfit. The body wave texture adds a beautiful wave pattern that

Whether you're attending a music festival, a costume party, or simply want to stand out in the crowd, the Red Skunk Stripe Wig is a fantastic choice. It is a fun and bold way to express your personality and creativity through your wig hairstyle. 

Red Skunk Stripe Wig Human Hair 13x6 Lace Body Wave Wigs

Headband Body Wave with Natural Color

For those who prefer a more effortless and everyday look, the headband body wave wig in a natural black color is the perfect choice. This wig offers the simplicity of a headband wig combined with the elegance of body wave hair.

The natural color blends seamlessly with your own hair, making it an ideal choice for those who want to enhance their existing look without making obvious changes. The body wave texture adds softness and dimension, giving you a relaxed and carefree appearance.

One of the best features of headband wigs is their convenience. They are easy to put on and take off, making them a time-saving option for your daily routine. Whether you are heading to work, running errands, or meeting friends for brunch, the headband body wave wig in natural color will have you looking effortlessly chic.

Headband Body Wave Natural Color


Body wave is a hot-selling wig type, and it becomes an irreplaceable wig hairstyle, no matter what your age and skin color are, it is a perfect choice for you to add elegance and charm.

If you are looking for a change in your hairstyle, consider trying body wave wigs. Whether you opt for the reddish brown color HD lace wig, the bold Red Skunk Stripe Wig, or the effortless elegance of a headband body wave wig, these options offer fashion, style, and convenience. Embrace your creativity, express your individuality, and transform your look with the power of YMY Hair body wave wigs.

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