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How To Keep Deep Wave Wig Looking Wet

Most of the ladies with deep-wave wigs usually face the problem of keeping their deep-wave hair looking wet, and one of the main reasons they want to keep their wavy hair moist is to look good. Do you have deep wavy hairstyles or have you ever worn a deep wavy wig? Have you also been troubled by this problem? In this blog, we'll talk about that question and give you specific answers on how to make deep wave Wig look wet and bouncy.

What is deep wave wig?

Deep wave wig is smooth wavy hair with a unique wave pattern, resembling the letter "S" shape, creating a natural and fashionable look. It is a good choice for those who want to add volume to their hair. The curl of deep wave wig styles is much deeper than body wave, and it has the same texture as body wave and loose wave hair, just with deeper curls.

Here are a few tips on how to make a deep wave wig look wet:

Wash your deep wave wig frequently

Washing your deep wave lace front wig regularly is a key way to keep your hair looking moist and fresh. When washing your hair, first take a basin of warm water, and then completely immerse your hair in the water. Please remember not to just wet your hair with water, but make sure that every strand of hair is covered with water before proceeding to the next step. After thoroughly rinsing with water, gently squeeze out excess liquid and towel dry.

Detangle your deep wave wig with a wide-toothed comb

We all know that curly hair is much harder to manage than straight hair, especially deep wave wigs, because of its high level of curliness. Therefore, when combing the hair daily, it is important to be more careful and attentive to avoid damaging the curvature and elasticity of the hair. When the hair is still wet, gently comb it with a wide-toothed comb. To prevent tangling, it is best to first use your fingers to untangle the ends of the hair, and then comb from the roots to the ends. Remember not to apply too much force when combing the deep wave frontal wig, as it can deform the hair. Always start combing from the roots and gradually work your way to the ends.

Let hair dry naturally

After washing the deep wave hair, gently wipe the hair with a towel, and press dry the excess water in the hair. Don’t rub the hair hard, which will damage the hair scales and damage the hair quality.

If you have enough time to dry your hair, let it air dry as much as possible. Drying your hair with a blow dryer can dry out the strands or damage the curl. Minimize the use of hair dryers, because sometimes to dry the hair quickly, many people will use high temperatures and strong wind to dry their hair until it is completely dry. Long-term high temperatures will damage hair quality. It is recommended that if you have to use a hair dryer, choose low temperature and cold wind to blow your hair. This shrinks the hair cuticles, making hair smoother.

Use special conditioner and mousse

After you wash your deep-wave wig with shampoo, you need to use a special conditioner for curly hair to care for your hair. Apply a layer of conditioner from the middle to the end of your hair, wait 15 or 20 minutes, rinse with warm water, and then go to the next step. If your hair is frizzy and soft, you can use mousse, which has both qualitative and conditioning functions. In addition to fixing the hairstyle, it can also make the hair moist and shiny and can create a natural, fluffy, and smooth texture.

Use some hair moisturizing spray or essential oil

If you don't have time to wash your deep-wave wig often, you can also use some hair care moisturizing spray or essential oil to provide sufficient moisture and nutrition for the hair. Moisturizing spray and essential oil can not only make the hair look moist and elastic, but also form a Protective film to isolate dust and external damage, different product ingredients and tastes are not the same, so you can choose your favorite fragrance according to your preferences, such as rose, jasmine, cherry blossom, etc., different flavors Bring you a different experience.

Sun damages hair

When you're outdoors, if the sun is strong, it's a good idea to wear a wide-brimmed hat or wrap your hair in a scarf to reduce damage from exposure and keep your hair looking less dry.

Keeping your deep wave wig looking wet and taking good care of it can make it look great. If you can pay attention to the above tips, it will help you maintain a damp and beautiful hairstyle that you like best. If you have better tips for keeping deep wave wig looking wet, feel free to share your method in the comments section.

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