How To Choose The Right Human Hair Wigs Density?

How To Choose The Right Human Hair Wigs Density?

Whether you are a beginner or a fan of wigs, choosing a wig that is suitable for yourself and comfortable to wear is very important. When choosing a human hair wig, in addition to the length and curl style, the density of the wig has also become an important factor that needs to be considered. This article will introduce you to all the information about wig density and how to choose the ideal density that suits you.

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What Is Lace Front Human Hair Wigs Density?

The wig density is an important indicator used to measure the fullness of a wig, with the aim of creating a more voluminous appearance. It helps determine how thick or thin the hair on the wig cap looks.

The higher the wig density, the fuller and thicker the hair appears. A higher density indicates that there is more hair on the wig cap, giving it a more solid and full appearance. Conversely, lower density means less hair on the wig cap, making the overall look more natural and light.

Different Types Of Human Hair Density

There are various options for wig density, ranging from 150% to 250%. The density is also classified into three levels - low, medium, and high. Here is a detailed introduction to all popular wig densities and their features.

150% density Wig: There are approximately 150 hairs per square inch, and 150% density wig is the most popular wig density. It is neither too thick nor too thin, providing a natural and realistic look, making the hair look fuller.

180% Density Wig: Higher density wigs provide enough volume and thickness to make hair look fuller, which is perfect for people who want more volume and fullness.

200% Density Wig: It offers a very thick appearance and ample volume, which is very suitable for those who want to stand out on special occasions. However, wearing it may be a little uncomfortable and requires patience to take care of and maintain.

250% density wig: A wig with a density of 250% is usually one of the fullest and most luxurious wigs. Due to its super high density, it can help create extremely voluminous and thick hairstyles, which are very suitable for celebrity-inspired looks.

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How to Choose the Right Human Hair Wigs Density?

  1. Natural Hair density

Matching the density of the human hair wigs to your natural hair is one of the keys to making the wig look natural. If the wig density is too high or too low, it will make the wig look unnatural or overly dense. Therefore, when choosing a wig, you should consider the density of your own hair in order to choose the wig density that is most suitable for you and make it look more natural.

  1. Your Face Shape

The face shape is another important factor to consider when choosing the density of a wig. Different face shapes require different wig densities to create a more beautiful appearance. If your face is smaller, you should choose a lighter wig density to avoid excessive hair covering your facial features. On the other hand, if your face is larger, a denser wig can enhance the overall appearance by balancing facial proportions.

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  1. Hair Textures

For example, curly texture gives people a full illusion, so you may not need as much density on curly wigs or hair extensions. Straight wigs tend to look thinner, so choosing a higher density is usually a better option.

  1. Occasion

If you need to use wigs in daily life, low-density human hair wigs may be more suitable for you because they are more comfortable to wear for a long time. For formal occasions, high-density wigs will make you look more charming and eye-catching.

Wig Care for Different Densities

Low-density wigs: It's important to prevent hair loss and be extra gentle when cleaning them. You can also use specially formulated hair wax, mousse, and shampoo products to increase the volume of wigs. These products can help you create a more natural and fluffy hairstyle, making the wig look more flowing.

Medium-density wigs: Medium-density wigs are relatively easy to care for because their texture is closer to your own hair. You can use a variety of products to keep them moisturized and looking great. In addition, regularly washing the wig with shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for the wig is also very important. This can help prevent the wig from becoming dry, frizzy, or damaged.

High-density wigs: For high-density wigs, they may be more prone to tangling. When washing these wigs, it is important to thoroughly clean them. Additionally, routine care can be done to make the hair smoother and more flowing. Careful maintenance and care for high-density wigs can make them look more natural and beautiful.

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In conclusion, human hair wig density is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a wig. Selecting the appropriate wig density requires careful consideration of personal needs and circumstances. Additionally, proper use and maintenance of wigs are crucial for prolonging their lifespan and maintaining their aesthetics.

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