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Easy Tips to Cut Bangs on Lace Front Wigs

When asked how to make lace front wigs look more natural, a simple answer is to style bangs on them. Bangs are the defining feature of many hairstyles because they can make people look younger and flatter their face shape. Meanwhile, bangs can also conceal some flaws on the forehead seamlessly. When it comes to wigs, bangs can help cover the hairline naturally, which makes them especially popular among wig wearers. Since we’ve introduced different styles of bangs on wigs and how to choose the right wig with bangs based on individual preference and varied face shapes before, we’ll focus on how to cut different styles of bangs on a lace front wig to customize your look in this blog.

Blunt bangs, side-swept bangs, and curtain bangs are three of the most common and chic styles of bangs these days. Blunt bangs can be easily achieved with a middle-part lace front wig, while side-swept bangs are a good fit for frontal wigs with a deep side part. Curtain bangs are a good fit for both straight and wavy wigs. To live up to the effect, you can either invest in a wig with bangs or do it yourself with a frontal wig. The reason why we recommend lace front wigs here is that they can achieve a more natural and realistic appearance with larger HD lace size, thus allowing more versatility for different styles of bangs.

How to cut blunt bangs

Honey Blond Highlight Straight Human Hair Wig With Bangs

Blunt bangs usually work best with straight lace front wigs. They fall straight across your forehead with no wispy or feathered ends. Before you start, it is necessary to get sharp scissors, a tail comb to section your wig, hair ties, and a makeup mirror. Since a mannequin head may not be totally the same as the size of a human head, you’d better cut bangs with your wig on to ensure the bangs are cut exactly what you want.

Tips: Don't cut the wig while it’s wet, because wet hair is longer. when you dry them, they will shrink up and you are left off with a cut that’s too short. Blow dry and straighten your hair before cutting. So you'll know exactly where your bangs fall.

Step 1 Comb your straight frontal wig gently to make it smooth. Section the desirable part of the bangs forward with the tail comb, and grasp the rest majority of the wig backward with a hair tie. Brush the bangs section to ensure each strand lays smooth and evenly.

Step 2 Decide the length you want before cutting. Usually, blunt bangs are somewhere near your eyebrows, so you can make a blunt chop to the bangs at that length.

Step 3 Split your bangs into two to three sections with clips so that you can trim each section evenly. Make small vertical snips rather than cutting your bangs straight across.

Step 4 After you’ve finished trimming all sections, comb your bangs again to check the length and how they look on your face. Make slight changes until you’re satisfied with it.

How to cut side-swept bangs

With bangs swept to either side of the face, side-swept bangs are a good fit for both straight and wavy wigs. Before you cut this style, you want to decide which side the bangs should go to according to your face shape or personal preference.

Step 1 Brush your crown area back and push back the rest of your wig into a ponytail. This is to make it out of the way for bangs.

Step 2 Comb your bangs in front of the face with the pin tail comb on the highest tip of your eyebrows. Line it up and evenly part your bangs. This is where your bangs are supposed to start. Then Repeat the same process to the other side. It doesn't have to line up perfectly in that this is just to help guide where you're going to start and end.

Step 3 Grab your hair in front and line the top part so it’s straight and even as well. Tie into a higher ponytail so the wig just sectioned off won’t fall back down. The width should only be one to two inches. You could make your bangs thicker though it all really depends on your style.

Step 4 Comb your bangs again and then grab it, flip it over, and keep it in place with the other hand. This process is to make it convenient and comfortably cut it downwards with your right hand, rather than having to swing your arm all the way across and cut at a weird angle.

Step 5 Grab and twist the bangs, hold them and comb the bottom section and start cutting diagonally downwards. Start cutting gradually only half an inch off in a downward motion to the ground.

Step 6 Repeat by trimming the bangs very little at a time, which will save you the nightmare of cutting your bangs too short. You also want to open and close the scissors constantly instead of one fast big cut across. Little cuts are better.

Step 7 When you’ve finished, comb your bangs evenly, then divide them in half, and with the shorter section, start cutting upwards gradually down to create texture so that your bangs won’t look too freshly cut, and will have some edges and layers.

Step 8 Grab and calm all your bangs together and repeat only to the ends. Cutting upwards. Take your time and be patient at it. You can style it with a straightener to make your wig with bangs look more bouncy.

How to cut curtain bangs 

Curtain Bangs Wigs Body Wave Human Hair Wigs

Curtain bang wigs remain one of the most popular choices among all styles of wigs with bangs. Curtain bangs can frame your face naturally on both sides. 

Step 1 Section out the part you want to cut like a triangle at your forehead with the same approach.

Step 2 Straighten it and divide it into three parts. Start from the middle and cut it right above the tip of your nose.

Note: when you cut your bangs, don’t pull it down with your fingers because once you let it go, it kind of bounces up and becomes shorter than what you anticipated. Just pinch it very lightly and slide down to where you want to cut.

Step 3 Cut it straight across. Point cut it to just blend it out. Always keep the length a little bit longer than what you think because once you style it, it will kind of bounce up and turn shorter.

Step 4 For the sides, you need to blend bangs by cutting in a diagonal right here, instead of cutting straight ahead, since that’s when you end up with normal bangs. Curtain bangs blend into the top section and like a curtain. Point cut it to blend it all together.

Step 5 Do the same with the other side. Now it’s like a triangle in the middle of your face. Trim to make both sides as even as possible. Again you can use the straightener to add dimension to your curtain bangs.

In a Nutshell

With the detailed tutorial on cutting bangs, you’ll find it much easier than you thought. Why not give it a try? Just make your lace front wig amazing with any one of the chic styles of bangs mentioned above or go for a wig with bangs now!

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