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Do Hairstyles from Frozen with Colored Wigs

If you are a fan of Frozen, the very popular animated film produced by Disney, you must be familiar with the story of two sisters named Elsa and Anna. In addition to the exciting and touching plot, and stunning costumes, the hairstyles of two major characters are quite impressive. If you observe carefully, you’ll find that Elsa's hair was blonde when she was a child and as she grows older, her hair turns white because of her ice powers. The directors and creators stated that if she was not born with ice powers, she would be a brunette like her mother. Meanwhile, what is Anna’s hair color? Is it ginger? Actually, Anna’s hair is strawberry blonde with a white streak, a lock of hair that was streaked platinum after being struck by Elsa’s magical freezing power when they were young. Read on to find more about how to do hairstyles in Frozen with a honey blonde wig or other colored wigs.

Elsa and Anna from Frozen
Anna’s French Braids

Let's start with the one look that's super easy and quick to style, namely, Anna’s French braids. First of all, what you need is to have the same hair color as Anna. Strawberry blonde, or honey blonde, is a warm color that only occurs naturally in less than 2% of the world's total population. In fact, warm honey blonde (or even some subtle highlights in the tone) might brighten up the complexion. It's a hue that's been rare yet in demand for centuries. So a quality honey blonde wig will make it happen. When you're contemplating colored wigs, we suggest investing in human hair wigs to achieve the best effect.

Step 1 Have your wig draped over either side of your shoulders. Start by adding volume up top before braiding the pigtails. Teasing is a game-changer and the key to voluminous hair. Styling it really holds things in place.

Step 2 For a straight honey blonde wig, use a curling wand to add a bit of curls to make it more natural and get closer to Anna’s hair texture.

Step 3 Take hold of three fairly large locks of hair from the sides and start making a French braid. Add fairly large locks to the braid and keep it quite loose.

Step 4 Pull the ends of the braid. It works well to hold onto the end of the braid with one hand while pulling its ends with the other hand.

Step 5 Leave quite a bit of a tail section and then add a mini clear plastic elastic.

Step 6 Pick up a small section from the tail and wrap it around the base of the elastic two to three times. Use another plastic elastic add grabbing the end of the wrap around and adjust the hair to cover the bottom elastic. This step makes your style more delicate.

Half-up Half-down Braided Style

Anna honey blonde hair

Next, we’ll come to Anna-inspired hairstyle from Frozen 2, the more mature half-up half-down braided style, with a seamless braid from one side of her head to the other. 

Step 1 To protect strands against extreme heat and smooth perfection, you can prep with some hairspray.

Step 2 Add a bit of curl to the wig. Pick up section by section, curling away from the face. Get more of a wave than like a perfect curl and come up with your fingers for a lived-in look. Anna is always running around and has windswept hair in this style and sprang a bit more of the spray.

Step 3 Take a wide section from the hairline, going back about two inches, and divide into three braids normally. You want this bright to stand out and be fairly large, so after you've created the three stand braid gently, tug on the sides of the braided loops, take your time with this.

You'll probably have to redo the last couple of strands and then tug on the sides of for a polished braid. Section off with a small elastic and repeat on the other side as well.

Step 4 Take the first braid lay it across and pin it to the side. Lay the other braid over top and across under the initial braid. Then just do a couple of pins again, and play with this until you're happy with how it looks.

It's cool because it looks like one braid is going from both sides. So making the braids flatter helps them look more seamless and it's hard to tell where one starts and ends.

Step 5 Add some argan oil. This helps infuse your locks with a sheer veil of shimmer and shine.

Elsa’s Side Pony-Braid

Since Elsa has beautiful, long, and thick hair, you may need a high-density colored wig for the perfect effect.

Step 1 Start out with just teasing the hair at the top of your crown and all brush it backward. Do it very gently and be careful not to ruin your wig. Lightly brush over the tease to ensure the wig does not look too big or puffy.

Step 2 Grab a section of hair at the crown and split it into three equal sections to do a three-strand braid.

Step 3 Add hair from the left and cross it over the middle section, and then go to the right section to continue doing exactly the same thing(grabbing the sections from the outside and adding a section to cross it over the middle) all the way down.

Tips: You can work with really big sections because, for this look, you want it to be sort of messy that's kind of white snow.

Step 4 Once you get to the bottom, you have only three strands in your hands. Finish it in a regular sort of knot and secure it with an elastic.

Step 5 Style those braids. Go back to tease to increase the volume a bit. Use the bottom of the brush to lift the hair at the roots and pull out sections from the back to loosen up the braid a bit to look more relaxed.

Final Words

Which hairstyle do you like most? No matter you want a honey blonde wig or other colored wigs, YMY Hair has all that you need for human hair wigs to make hairstyles in Frozen. Any ideas or suggestions for us? Just leave a comment below.

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