Can you straighten body wave hair?

Can you straighten body wave hair?

Body wave hair is the most popular type of human hair on the market. For women who love to wear 100% virgin human hair extensions to showcase their beauty, having the same hairstyle all the time can become boring and make them feel less confident. That's why it's great if they can transform their body wave hair into any other hairstyle they desire. This is also one of the main reasons why people love to purchase 100% virgin human hair with a body wave texture. In this blog post, we will share some information about body wave wig and address the common topic of how to properly straighten body wave human hair wig.

What is body wave hair?

Body wave human hair wig has large and loose "S" shaped waves, giving a neat and fashionable look. This type of wavy hairstyle is usually shiny and looks very natural. Body wave wig is easy to maintain, and you can dye or style it as desired to create any look you want. It suits various face shapes and hair textures, and is versatile enough to be paired with different outfits and makeup looks. Body wave wig can be blended with almost all natural hair types, helping your hair look more natural. Whether for everyday life or special occasions, wearing body wave lace front wig can provide the best experience.

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Can body wave hair be straightened?

Many women wonder if they can straighten their curly hair. The answer is yes. Straightening body wave human hair wig into a new straight hairstyle can give you a different look, and you can even dye black body wave hair into blonde body wave hair, etc. We will discuss how to straighten body wave hair in the following sections of this blog.

How to do the straight?

First, ensure that your hair is clean before straightening.

Make sure your hair is clean, smooth, and tangle-free for better results. It's best to gently comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb before washing to prevent tangling. Then, you can add mild shampoo to warm water and soak your body wave hair in it, being careful to smooth out any tangled waves with your fingers. Use conditioner to protect your hair and leave it on for about 10 minutes or longer.

Second, prepare a suitable flat iron and know how to use it.

To straighten body wave human hair wig, you need to have a suitable flat iron and know how to use it. The heat of the flat iron should be manageable. Too cold will hinder straightening, while too hot can damage the hair. It's important to find a product that fits your hair size and shape and has adjustable temperature settings.

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Third, straighten your body wave hair properly.

After completing all the preparations, we use the flat iron to straighten both short and long body wave hair. Start by selecting a small section of hair and place the flat iron at the roots, then glide it down along the hair until the selected section is straightened. Repeat this method in different sections of the hair to style the entire body wave hair into straight hair.

Tips for straightening body wave hair:

1. Be cautious with the temperature of the flat iron, as high temperatures can damage your hair. Body wave human hair wigs are precious. If you are unsure about how to straighten your hair, it is recommended to consult a hairstylist or go to a salon for professional help.

2. Avoid applying excessive force during the straightening process. Gentle and relaxed movements are necessary, as applying too much force can cause tangling and damage to the body wave hair, making it fragile and less elastic. It is best to choose human hair with great hardness and elasticity for straightening.

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3. Most synthetic hair cannot withstand heating tools as the heat can damage the fibers. However, human hair wigs are suitable for the moderate ways. You can use styling tools on certain types of synthetic hair, but they must be made of heat-resistant materials. Here, we highly recommend using our Ymy Hair virgin human hair products, which are made of 100% virgin human hair and do not require oiling, ensuring any tangling. It is a high-quality hair that allows you to straighten it with flat irons and other tools just like your own hair. When you want to curl it back into waves, simply wash it gently and restyle it.

4. Repeatedly straightening a body wave wig can lead to permanent changes in its texture and wave pattern. The more frequently and intensely the wig is straightened, the more likely it is to lose its original wave shape. This can make it challenging to restore the wig to its original style and may require additional styling or treatment to regain the desired wave pattern. To protect and care for your wig, don't straighten it too often.

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If you have body wave human hair wig and want to straighten it, it is possible. However, it's important to remember that body wave lace front wig is more prone to heat damage compared to straight hair, so you need to be extra careful and not overdo it. If you have better techniques for straightening curly hair or maintaining straightened hair, feel free to share your methods in the comments section.

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