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All about Hair--What is Virgin Hair

In an era when women attach greater importance to personal appearances and life quality, hair becomes an essential part of this effort. That explains why the term “virgin hair” is not strange in the world of hair industry. Chances are great that a majority of beauty lovers have heard of it. However, people might get confused when asked whether the virgin hair they bought is authentic or not. Don’t worry and move on to find answers to “What is virgin hair” in this article.

What is virgin hair?

In common practice, the word “virgin”, in its adjective form, is used to describe something such as a land that has never been used or spoiled. The same meaning goes for virgin hair, which refers to real human hair that has never undergone any chemical procedures, including but not limited to getting color-treated, permed, dyed, bleached, or blow-dried. Simply put, virgin hair refers to the natural hair we are born with. It’s endowed by nature.

Where does virgin hair come from?

In general, most of the virgin hair available on the market is sourced from countries such as India, Malaysia, Peru, and Brazil, with India being the primary contributor. For centuries, it has been a ritual for religious pilgrims in the southern region of India to shave their heads and donate their hair at holy temples as a form of sacrifice, purification, and gratitude to their local community. This practice has led to the temples supplying authentic Indian virgin hair to vendors. Moreover, due to the hot and humid climate in India, women often cut off their hair as a regular practice to stay cool in challenging weather conditions.

What are the advantages of virgin hair?

As mentioned above, virgin hair is the most valuable type of human hair, it is of premium quality and embraces a basket of advantages, regardless of the fact that its price is higher than other types of hair.

Virgin hair has the longest lifespan of more than one year if properly maintained. It is also favorable in hair density(how many strands are there) and the thickness of strands. More importantly, since it is similar to your own hair without being chemically treated in the past, it offers various styling options. That is, you can either color, perm, dye, or bleach it based on individual preferences.

How to care for virgin hair?

The best approach to care for virgin hair is to follow a routine that is done regularly to prolong its lifespan and maintain its wonderful appearance. Here are a few tips for caring for virgin hair.
First, comb the virgin hair gently with a wide-tooth comb to tangle-free before washing to prevent breakage and help distribute moisturizers more evenly.
Second, add moderate mild shampoo to lukewarm water and soak virgin hair thoroughly.
Third, wash it gently to clear up by removing excess oils, sweat, and debris, which will help your hair last longer.
Fourth, apply deep conditioner and hair masks to the water and soak the hair for 5-10 minutes to retain moisture and nutrition.
Fifth, soak and wash it in fresh water, and absorb the water with a towel.
Sixth, hang it and let it dry naturally, keep it away from strong sunlight.

Virgin hair is 100% human hair free from chemical processes in any form. That’s the reason why it’s precious and of relatively high cost. It is originated mainly from India and some other countries. Its advantages are determined by its nature and thus it requires careful maintenance. Now you must have gained a clearer understanding of what is virgin hair.

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