About 613 Wig: All You Want To Know

About 613 Wig: All You Want To Know

Today, we can see more and more women willing to dye their hair blonde because it can enhance their charm and confidence. There are a variety of wig options available, and the 613 blonde wig is one of the most popular choices. A 613 wig is named after its hair color and is suitable for most people regardless of their skin tone. Choosing a blonde wig can make you stand out as one of the most dazzling and fashionable individuals in a crowd. Today, let's introduce what a blonde wig is and how to maintain it.

What Are 613 Blonde Wigs?

The number 613, sometimes referred to as #613 color, can be seen as the color code for blonde hair. In blonde hair, the most typical color is 613, which is also the most popular color in the market. 613 hair is a light golden color wig that has been dyed and bleached, allowing you to dye it into any color you desire. 613 blonde wigs are made from 100% human hair, and the hair is very soft and thick. Its unique color allows women to stand out in a crowd.

613 blonde lace wigs

Why Are 613 Blonde Wigs So Popular?

  1. No need to bleach knots

613 blonde wigs have undergone multiple bleaching processes before leaving the factory. Therefore, customers no longer need to bleach the knots of their 613 wigs. You can wear the 613 lace front wig directly upon receiving the package.

  1. Can be dyed any color you want

The most obvious advantage of a 613 frontal wig is that it doesn't need to be bleached. If you like customized hair colors, 613 blonde human hair wigs will be your first choice. Since the 613 hair has already been dyed into a light blonde color, you can directly dye it into any color you want without the need for bleaching. This greatly reduces the time and effort required for dyeing. At the same time, 613 wigs can also be mixed with other hair colors to create unique hairstyles.

  1. Stand out from the crowd

Blonde hair stands out as more unique compared to the common black hair color. Whether you want to change your hairstyle for special occasions or try new styles, 613 blonde wigs are a good choice. By wearing a 613 wig, you can transform from your natural hair color to an eye-catching light blonde in just a few minutes.

  1. Look young and beautiful

Blonde hair belongs to the light color range, which can brighten your complexion and enhance your charm and confidence, making you look more fashionable. The bold and unique nature of light blonde highlights a strong personality, attracting attention wherever you go and radiating charm.

613 lace wigs

  1. Comfortable and breathable

613 human hair wigs are made with comfortable and breathable lace, so you won't feel stuffy even in summer. They are very lightweight on the scalp and you won't feel any discomfort when wearing them. Typically, the weight does not exceed about 200-300 grams.

  1. Countless hairstyles

You can restyle the wig to match your natural hairline, which can save you a lot of money and time. 613 frontal wig comes in various sizes, such as 613 13x4 HD lace wig and 5x5 HD lace front wig. The large coverage area of the HD lace closure wig allows you to freely style the wig into any hairstyle you want.

  1.  Convenient and time-saving

Using wigs allows you to save valuable time and easily achieve different styles, which is particularly convenient for busy people.

613 lace front wigs

How To Put On Your 613 Frontal Wig?

Step 1. You need to tidy up your natural hair to make it smooth. You can braid your hair, which will make it easier to wear a wig.

Step 2. Before putting on the wig, please wear a wig cap and secure it properly. The wig cap can protect your hair from damage.

Step 3. Place the wig on your head and adjust it to fit comfortably and naturally. Some wigs have adjustable straps to change the size, while others use clips for fixation.

Step 4. After adjusting the wig, apply adhesive on the forehead and use a blow dryer to dry it for a few minutes.

Step 5. Secure the lace in the appropriate position and trim the edges to create a natural-looking hairline, making the wig more beautiful and realistic.

Step 6. It is necessary to comb the hair. For wigs, you can use some conditioner to comb through.

How To Maintain Your Blonde Human Hair Wig?

613 lace frontal wig is a very charming and stunning hair color. To minimize damage and effectively care for your golden wig, here are some methods and preventive measures:

Protect the wig from high heat

If your 613 blonde wigs are made of human hair, you can use hot styling tools like curling irons to create different hairstyles. However, be sure to set the heating tools to a low temperature to avoid overheating and damaging the texture and shine of the wig.

Keep the wig moisturized

613 human hair lace front wigs require adequate moisture and protection, and conditioner plays a very important role in this. Apply conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair, avoiding the roots. This will provide nourishment to the wig, enhance its shine, and maintain the blonde color. It will leave your hair looking refreshed.

613 lace front wigs

Use hair oil for blonde hair

Applying hair oil can help alleviate dryness. If your blonde wig hair lacks moisture and shine, using hair oil is the great choice. Lighter oils, such as Moroccan oil, help prevent discoloration. However, be careful not to use too much oil as it can make the hair feel heavy and greasy. Use it in moderation.

Stay away from sunlight

Exposure to sunlight and strong UV rays can cause fading and drying of 613 blonde wigs. If you must wear a wig in the sun, wearing a hat can protect the hair. 

613 wigs are popular because they give the appearance of blonde hair, bringing confidence and a youthful look. When you walk into a crowd, people will be naturally drawn to you. Additionally, 613 blonde hair can be dyed into various colors, allowing you to create unique hairstyles. If you are considering purchasing a wig, you definitely shouldn't miss out on this 613 wig.

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